Our wedding flowers checklist will ensure you have thought of everything! Choosing your flowers is a big part of the planning and decor process for your wedding, but it can feel more than a little overwhelming to think about all the different options you have. Our team will help you to make the right decision based on budget, venue, season and the types of arrangements you envision for your wedding.

This list gives you and your florist a starting point to discuss your options and what will work best for your unique wedding. So, before you head to your initial consultation, take a look at our wedding flower checklist to make sure you’ve considered all your options.

Personal Flowers

Before you even think about floral decor, you’ll want to think about those flowers to be carried or worn by specific people in attendance or those participating in the ceremony. These flower arrangements could include:

Bride Bouquet

  • The main bouquet
  • Wedding party bouquets
  • Floral hair accessories
  • Flower girl tossing petals
  • Flower girl basket decorations
  • The main boutonniere
  • Wedding party boutonnieres
  • Ring bearer’s boutonniere
  • Ring bearer’s floral nest
  • Corsages for the couple’s mother(s)
  • Corsages for the couple’s grandmother(s)
  • Boutonnieres for the couple’s father(s)
  • Boutonnieres for the couple’s grandfather(s)
  • Boutonnieres or corsages for step-parent(s)
  • Officiant’s boutonniere or corsage
  • Ushers’ boutonnieres or corsages

In most cases, the central bouquet and boutonniere will match or be coordinated in some way, standing out from others in the wedding party. Roses, tulips, and calla lilies are popular choices for these items.

The Ceremony

Once you have determined which guests will need personal flowers, it’s time to consider if you want florals to decorate your wedding ceremony. Much of what you decide to incorporate into your ceremony will depend on the type of venue you have selected, as well as the type of service to be performed. While this list is meant to guide you, there may be unique decor traditions for a variety of ceremonies that you would like to include, so this is by no means a comprehensive list. Some popular arrangements or displays to consider include:

  • Welcome table arrangements
  • Entryway display
  • Aisle runner (with or without petals)
  • Aisle arrangements or markers
  • Pew or chair decorations
  • Reserved seat arrangements or bouquets
  • Altar, chuppah, or other central displays
  • Floral decor for arches or arbors
  • Tossing petals for guests

The type of blooms you choose for the ceremony decor is entirely up to you, but popular choices include roses, gardenias, and hydrangeas.
Wedding Altar

The Reception

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need to think about how you want to include flowers in your reception. Many couples immediately begin to think about centerpieces for the wedding reception, but there are many more options to consider for this part of your wedding. The right floral arrangements can transform your reception venue. Here are some of the most popular reception flowers:

Table Floral Arrangement

  • Entryway arrangements
  • Guest book display
  • Place card table arrangement
  • Cocktail table arrangements
  • Guest table centerpieces
  • Head or sweetheart table centerpiece
  • Sweetheart chair decor
  • Floral table runners
  • Hanging arrangements
  • Bar decorations
  • Passed tray decor.
  • Place setting florals
  • Buffet/food station displays
  • Floral cake decorations
  • Cake or dessert table arrangement
  • Tossing bouquet
  • Lounge area arrangements
  • Restroom or powder room displays
  • Newlywed car decoration

The possibilities for floral arrangements at your wedding reception are genuinely endless. Traditionally, many couples choose to match their reception flowers to those at their ceremony, but you may want to incorporate other blooms.

If you are ready to meet your florist, contact us today for an initial consultation.