Floral arches are an excellent way to create a dramatic focal point in your events. During the last year, these decorations have gained strength among weddings and have become a go-to for special occasions. The various styles and types of arbors provide a garnishing endless versatility, such as moon gate arches, infinity arches, and round arbors.  

Where Should You Put a Floral Arch? 

                                          Arch design with flowers and purple rosesA professional designing a square floral arch.

During the wedding ceremony, arches can be used to surround the couple as they exchange their vows and “I dos.” Also, depending on the venue and budget, the arches can be placed at the entrance of the ceremony path, down the length of the aisle, or at the venue’s entry. It will give a magical touch to welcome your guests! 

Can you Relocate the Arch During the Event? 

                                        Floral arch design

Moving an arch during the ceremony is not impossible, but it adds difficulty to the logistics of the event. Some arches are designed to allow to be repurposed from the ceremony to the reception. An arch with two asymmetrical, heavily flowered side pieces that have wispy flowers and foliage reaching over the couple to surround them, is the perfect kind of moon gate arch to be moved with the help of the staff. 

What are the Best Flowers to Use in an Arch? and Which Should be Avoided? 


The best flowers to use in an arch vary greatly by wedding location. If the temperature is cooler, a large section of flowers that will not be affected by the temperature will be appropriate. However, when the temperature rises, the florist will select stronger flowers and foliage, such as roses, mums, carnations, alstroemerias, and other tropical flowers that might work best.  

Flowers that are out of season or don’t work well in floral arches, such as dinnerplate dahlias, should be avoided to protect your dream weeding. In these cases, you may opt for various alternatives, such as mixing fresh flowers with faux or hand-crafted flowers exist. 

Are Faux Flowers Recommended? 


It is common to find a mix of faux and fresh flowers in big arches installations. Florists might consider adding faux flowers depending on the weather, budget, and other factors. A skilled florist can create a design that looks perfectly fresh and harmonizes with the rest of the decoration, regardless of the type of flowers. 

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