Planning a wedding entails making multiple decisions, from minor to big ones. One of the most critical decisions is the location of your wedding since it can affect the whole path of your wedding planning.

Here are a few areas to take into consideration to be prepared and make your best choice:


1. Weather

                                                      Weather Wedding

The weather is one of the most important things to consider when choosing between indoors and outdoors. An indoor wedding gives you more control over unpredictable elements such as weather. An indoor space will guarantee a climate-controlled environment and avoid creating a ‘Plan B.’

However, if you don’t mind the unexpected circumstances, you can make the most of an outdoor setting with breathtaking flower decorations that will elevate your wedding photographs and experience.


2. Logistics



Indoor locations oftentimes provide certain elements such as chairs, flowers, caterers, bathrooms, etc. It can come with a package, or they can offer you their vendor options. As for outdoor weddings, it depends on the location you choose. Keep in mind that in a public park or beach, you could be requested to have a permit for a larger guest count. They might offer you some wedding packages if you find an outdoor space in a private venue.


3. Space

Whether you want a large wedding or a private ceremony, you must consider the balance between the decoration and the number of guests you will have.

In an indoor location, the space for both variables is limited. You must consider the location’s capacity and measure your decoration so everything can fit perfectly and harmonically.

In an outdoor wedding, the space limit is much broader. Additionally, if you like large and impressive decorations, an outdoor location will give you the necessary space and setting to make the most of it.


4. Decor restrictions and maintenance

Decor restrictions and maintenance

Regardless of an indoor or outdoor location, choosing the provider for your floral arrangements would be best. All floral designs have different maintenance that must be ensured for your big day to go smoothly and for all your pictures to turn out with the background you have always dreamed of.

If the weather is too hot, windy, or rainy, your flowers can resent it if they are not cared for. Your floral designer should have the knowledge to give recommendations and protect your decorations, whether in an outdoor or indoor wedding.


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