Let’s take a look at the top floral industry trends of 2022 below. 

Floral Industry Color Trends 

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Color trends change from year to year. Last year saw the floral industry dominated by the Pantone Colors of the Year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. In these months we are seeing even more color trends, especially those popularized by Pantone, Behr, Benjamin Moore and others. 

Bold and vibrant colors

Neutrals aren’t going away, but a major trend in the floral industry is adopting bolder colors. The celebrations are back, and the world is looking for brighter alternatives and pops of color. 

Muted greens 

Green has been a trending color in recent years and continues to dominate trends in the floral industry. Some of the major paint brands have said so, and Behr chose Breezeway as their Color of the Year. This pastel green with blue undertones is particularly soothing. Benjamin Moore, on the other hand, went for a sage green called October Mist, while Sherwin-Williams went for a similar cool-toned green called Evergreen Fog. 

Wild and spontaneous arrangements 

This semester is all about wilder and more spontaneous arrangements. The unfinished and not-perfect look still reigns supreme, emphasizing organic styles that aren’t overly stylized. Free-flowing flowers with visible stems will be especially popular. 

Mixing and matching

Dried flowers have been popular in recent years, and they are not going away. In fact, mixing and matching has become an even more popular trend in the floral industry. Designers are mixing elements of dried flowers with fresh flowers to benefit from both color and texture. 

Minimalist and Simple 


Minimalism is going nowhere, and the floral industry is fully embracing simplicity. With the last difficult years that the world has had, there is no better time than these months to opt for more relaxing and simple designs. Instead of adding too many varieties, designers will focus on one or two main flower varieties and use green leaves, fillers, and dried flowers to add to arrangements.



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