Summer parties and gatherings are upon us! The weather is rising, and the world is eager to get together in face-to-face events during the summer breaks. Seeing smiling faces, hearing laughter, and hugging one another making new and lasting memories – what could be better?

This summer’s hottest flower trends reflect precisely that – people’s thirst for human connection, bright emotions, and the atmosphere of celebration. Let’s have a closer look at what combinations are inspiring us during these months.


1. Contrasting Colors

Being bold may be frightening at first. However, many of us quickly develop a taste for it. Instead of opting for familiar and safe colors such as white, green, and pink, the most unexpected combinations of bright tones are on the rise!

Some wedding couples can be hesitant to include color because they are worried it might take away from the elegance of the occasion. Ask your floral designer to include fuchsia, pink, yellow, and red. They will help you be on-trend without compromising on an ounce of elegance.

2. Larger Installations

This trend is hard to overlook. Go BIG or go home is the mentality we’re witnessing with a lot of the events for the current year- and we’re here for it!

Dramatic installations aimed at producing the much-desired wow-effect are here to conquer the hosts’ hearts. A spectacular flower arch or show-stopping banister garland will pack much more of a punch, both in your photos and in the flesh, than smaller, thinly spread decorations.

Memorable entrances and flower arches have always been the obvious choice, yet if you want to think outside the box, let us examine your venue so we can help you accent the space in ways you might not have already considered.

Larger Installations


3. It’s All About the Texture

During the summer months, a lot of florists tend to avoid too much texture saving it for autumn. However, texture in summer can work wonderfully.

Another dimension in which party givers could express their individuality is through flower textures. Once again, the more traditional rose-infused designs are falling out of favor while unconventional newcomers, such as dried palm leaves or preserved oak, are gaining speed. We love soft, and comforting textures the most in summer.

Dried flowers, grasses, and other preserved accents are capable of breathing new life into even the most conservative set-ups. Other great options are boho pampas grass, flowering branches, dried lunaria, seasonal foliage, or locally foraged elements to give the arrangements a truly unique finish.

It’s All About the Texture

4. Monogamy Prevails

On the other side of the spectrum is virtually the complete opposite of the first trend mentioned in this article – yet it is somehow just as crazy. Sticking with a solo flower is not to be underrated, it creates a huge impact; takes much more creativity and imagination to create something truly unique when the options are so limited.

Monogamy Prevails

It’s simple, elegant, and with the right artistic vision – definitely not boring! White is the most popular color choice. H a pop of your favorite color could work wonders too.

Let’s talk about your event and the best floral decoration we can do for you. 

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